Being sisters means always having a friend. It means having someone you are forever connected to, bound by a lifetime of sarcastic eyerolls and hysterical laughter.

For Debbie and Barbara, opening a family business wasn’t the plan. Not given their contrast in personality. While Debbie was born organizing everyone and everything, Barbara was the carefree little sister, taking special joy in pushing her sister’s buttons. And yet it’s those traits that make them good partners. With two decades of managerial experience, the meticulous Debbie was a natural fit to oversee a business Barbara knew inside-out from fifteen years as a stylist.

After working together in a salon setting for ten years, the sisters developed a vision for their ideal salon. The name, Sorella, means Sister in Italian and it embodies the spirit of their venture, that unique bond of love and loyalty, family and friendship. Salon Sorella reflects their dream of a salon staffed with exceptional stylists and skilled aestheticians, a warm and inviting space that offers quality products and fashionable accessories. With a relaxing atmosphere that is at once modern and classic, stylish and comfortable, it is a place they hope customers will enjoy visiting time and again.

Salon Sorella ~ 293 Washington St. Norwell, MA 02061 ~ (781) 659-2300


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